Paparazzi Model Management 40 years

Paparazzi was created in 1983 by founder, Laila Snellman.Being the first model agency of Finland, it helped bring professionalism to the localfashion industry by introducing foreign talent to Finnish clients as well assystematically sending its best talent to various fashion capitals all over the world.

Paparazzi model management, as one of the most successful agencies in Helsinki,has provided a large diversity of beauties to the fashion industry for the past fourdecades; such as topmodel Angelika Kallio, starting her career as Karl Lagerfeld’smuse in 1990, exotic Ninja Sarasalo as the face of Jean-Paul Gaultier Le Classiqueperfume mid 90s worldwide campaign, freckle faced Pipsa Hurmerinta for LouisVuitton 90s campaign, Saimi Nousiainen for Nina Ricci campaign beginning 2000,supermodel iconic Suvi Koponen-Riggs becoming an overnight sensation byopening for Prada in 2007 at Milano Fashion Week.

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Paparazzi - Suvi
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